About Us

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Welcome to Mull Café. We are a small guide tours agency located in Calgary, Canada devoted to showing the beautiful Cape Breton Island’s coffee and culinary culture to the world.

With us, you’ll get access to guided tours all over town visiting and testing the most delicious coffee houses and trendiest seafood restaurants at great prices.

With our table-booking and reservation services, you’ll have the chance to access the busiest, trendiest places in town without waiting in line. So, don’t waste time and come to our Calgary office, book your entire culinary itinerary, and we’ll escort you around Cape Breton Island.

Aside from offering guided tours and table-booking services, we are comprised of a team of foodies who are highly qualified to give honest, reliable, and trusted reviews. If you are a small coffee shop owner or have a restaurant in town that needs some help to boost the customers’ base, our reviews could help you get more exposure.

Although this is a family business and blog that I run with my husband and sisters, Mull Café is filled with reliable and trustworthy people eager to show you Cape Breton Island to the fullest. Enjoy some of the tastiest coffees and seafood sandwiches following our recommendations.

Amy J. Haynes. Mull Café’s creator.