Top 5 Tourists Attractions to Visit while in Cape Breton

Cape Breton Island is a beautiful place on its own thanks to its flora, fauna, rich heritage, and history. This plays a big role in their leisure activities you can do while in town.

If you happen to be in the area, these are some of the best tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss while in Cape Breton Island.

Louisbourg National Historic Site’s Fortress

This historic landmark is a live museum, in which locals dress up as if they were still living in the 18th century. People walk around the fortress to show outsiders how people used to live in the area when colonists reached the coasts of Canada.

If you are looking to try some food, every inn and restaurant in the area will serve you tasty dishes from the 18th century.

PostImage Top 5 Tourists Attractions to Visit Cabot Trail - Top 5 Tourists Attractions to Visit while in Cape Breton

Cabot Trail

If you like the outdoors, love hiking, and enjoy a bit of history in the mix, the Cabot Trail is for you. This lovely and peaceful scenery trail is named after John Cabot, the one who claimed the land in the name of England, back in 1497. Guided tours and renting bicycle services are offered to travel the area.

Cape Breton Island Coal Miners’ Museum

Coal mining has always been one of the biggest industries in the area, due to its vast coal reserve. The Coal Miner’s Museum is comprised of houses where miners used to live in, warehouse and offices where the bosses used to work in, and access to the tunnels where miners used to mine at. Guided tours and coal extraction demonstrations are also offered.

PostImage Top 5 Tourists Attractions to Visit GrahamBell - Top 5 Tourists Attractions to Visit while in Cape Breton

Alexander Graham Bell’s Museum National Historic Site

The inventor of the telephone had his summerhouse in Cape Breton Island. The house, now turned into a museum, allows you to explore where he lived and worked on his countless inventions and prototypes.

There are several tours and workshops offered for locals and outsiders to handle and build some of Bell’s greatest kite prototypes.

Isle Madame’s Lighthouses

Canada is surrounded by countless lighthouses spread all over the country. However, nothing compares to the wide variety of lighthouses you’ll find in Cape Breton Island and other parts of Nova Scotia.

Isle Madame has the most beautiful ones in town, in which the Lighthouse Preservation Society offers walking tours to all the lighthouses in the area.

Exploring Cape Breton Island by foot is a once-in-a-lifetime experience due to its rich heritage and history. Don’t miss out on it and pay a visit to these and other wonderful places while visiting the island.

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