The 4 Best Food-Themed Slot Games to Play while in Cape Breton

Cape Breton Island offers several options for food and leisure activities to do while in the area. However, for those rainy days in town, engaging in a fun online gaming session is perfect to brighten your day.

If you like delicious food and gaming online, here are the best food-themed slot machines you should try in Cape Breton.

Win Sum Dim Sum Slots

This slot machine is named after the delicious pork filled steamed bun. The slot machine features symbols related to Chinese food and restaurants like dim sum, teapots, fortune cookies, bowls of rice, and more. Spin the reels and win up to 15 free spins to test your luck and win the big prize.

Sushi Bar Slots

Another slot machine based on Asian food is this immersive game. Sushi Bar Slots, based on the delicious Japanese rolls, features chef Haru making a sushi roll in the corners as you make yours measure the time.

A bottle of soy sauce is used as a wild symbol. Win up to 20 free spins in a row and access the final prize.

Mamma Mia Slots

Italian cuisine finally makes its awaited appearance with Mamma Mia Slots. The game uses Italian dishes like spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, calzones, wine bottles, cooking pots, and newspapers to complete the ensemble.

The game features a wide variety of bonuses, free spins and multipliers to increase your chances to win.

Burger’s Paradise Slots

Featuring soda cups, French fries, hamburgers, and a chef, as part of the symbols used in the machine. This fast food-related slot machine features a wide variety of bonuses and free-spin multipliers.

This slot machine is one of the best in the market right now. Start playing Burger’s Paradise Slots and win up the 30 free spins to multiply your earnings.

These food-themed slot machines are perfect for you who love food and gaming, as it lets you make money while your mouth waters watching the symbols spin. Test them out while in Cape Breton and have fun tasting the food and making money at the same time.

All of the games listed above are available to play at spin palace canada, the best online casino in the country.


5 Best Coffee Shops to Play Online Games All Day Long in Cape Breton

When it comes to coffee shops, there are a few elements that play a vital role in how the business works. Besides the quality of the coffee beans and the food served in the shop, one of the vital elements is having a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection.

Whether you use the internet for work or leisure, it’s vital to have it available at all times.

If you are looking for a great coffee shop with free Wi-Fi to do some work or maybe play online casino games, these Cape Breton-based coffee shops will blow your away.

The Dancing Goat

In addition to great Wi-Fi service to keep you online and gaming away, this wonderful coffee shop has delicious homemade cookies on sale. Likewise, sandwiches, cakes, and nutritious breakfasts are also available to keep your belly full while gaming.

PostImage 5 Best Coffee Shops to Play Online The Dancing Goat - 5 Best Coffee Shops to Play Online Games All Day Long in Cape Breton

Thanks to its food and cozy environment, The Dancing Goat is the perfect place to work or play online.

Frog Pond Café

If you are not only a fan of online gaming, but also support organic and free trade products, this marvellous coffee shop is for you. While you enjoy their Wi-Fi service, you can also grab a bite of their top-quality Baklava, sourdough pastries, or a mug of their organic coffee.

Visit lucky nugget casino and play some online poker while eating something delicious and healthy.

Doktor Luke’s

This cool coffee shop has excellent reviews thanks to their tasty cookies and unmatched lattes. It’s truly an experience you will enjoy while playing some online slots at the premises.

PostImage 5 Best Coffee Shops to Play Online Doktor Luke - 5 Best Coffee Shops to Play Online Games All Day Long in Cape Breton

Whether you are after a full meal or just looking to quiet down the munchies with some yummy cookies, Doktor Luke’s will keep you satisfied.

Bean There Café

Whether you are after a hearty breakfast to start that winning streak or just a big supporter of organic and vegetarian-friendly dishes, Bean There Café is for you. Whether you go for the food or the internet connection, the place will make you feel at home.

The café has the best and most delicious coffee in town, so it is definitely worth the shot while wagering.

PostImage 5 Best Coffee Shops to Play Online Ugly Mug Cafe - 5 Best Coffee Shops to Play Online Games All Day Long in Cape Breton

The Ugly Mug Cafe and Emporium

The place not only offers a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection to game at your favourite online casinos but also a wide range of food options to try.

Widely known all over town by their cranberry scones and hot cocoa with marshmallows, the Ugly Mug Cafe and Emporium has one of the fastest Wi-Fi connection in Nova Scotia.

In these Cape Breton-based coffee shops, you will find comfortable environments and delicious food and coffee to accompany your online gambling experience. If you are looking for tasty options to keep your belly full and your energy up to place your wagers wisely, these coffee shops will work perfectly fine.


3 Food-Related Experiences You Should Have while in Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton is a beautiful Island in Canada that is somehow isolated from the world. It’s one of the best destinations for food lovers.

The island is famous due to its wide variety of seafood-based dishes and its Farmer´s Market, in which you can find everything you need to make a nice meal. Here are the best food-related experiences you shouldn’t miss in the area.

PostImage 3 Food Related Experiences BiteHouse - 3 Food-Related Experiences You Should Have while in Cape Breton Island

The Bite House

The Bite House restaurant has one of the greatest chefs in the county and is one of the most visited places in Nova Scotia. Brian Pickard opened this restaurant a few years ago and it has been quite successful since its beginnings.

Nowadays, you have to make a reservation months in advance to get a table. Fortunately, Mull Café can help you with that.

PostImage 3 Food Related Experiences The Lobster Pound - 3 Food-Related Experiences You Should Have while in Cape Breton Island

The Lobster Pound and Moore

As the Island is famous for its estuaries, this restaurant decided to explore the seafood variety taking advantage of it. In this restaurant, you don’t know what you’re going to find on the menu. However, you can be sure that is going to be delicious.

With a rustic design, we can assure you that you’re going to have a taste of the best seafood you’ll ever find in the area.

PostImage 3 Food Related Experiences Glace Bay Chip Wagon - 3 Food-Related Experiences You Should Have while in Cape Breton Island

The Glace Bay Chip Wagon

This food truck started as a business in Montreal until the state banned street vendors, deciding to move to Cape Breton and try some luck. Everyone in the country has heard about its special wedge-cut potatoes cooked in beef tallow, making it famous in lots of countries around the world.

The dish is so good that we are sure your mouth just watered by reading the name out loud.

Each one of these places is special in their own way and you should try them if you want to know what the local cuisine is about. Of course, there are many other places to try, but these are our top three recommendations for you.

Have a small taste of what Cape Breton Island has to offer and enjoy the local cuisine with family and friends.